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We named our new van “The Dream Machine” for two reasons:

  1. We intend to “live the dream life” of adventure with it, and
  2. We were inspired by Shaggy & Scooby’s Mystery Machine!

The Dream Machine not only gets a lot of attention, but it also brings up a lot of questions, like “what kind of paint did you use” and “how did you seal it” and “did you really want it to look like that?!”

Drew was kind enough to want to share these answers and more.  Read his “tutorial” below: (more…)


Photo by Michael R Foley

I envision a place where people can live together more pleasantly than in any other place in America.” Ole Hansen, Founder of San Clemente.

Imagine a place where most people who live there are truly stoked on life.  Happy, beautiful women surf and enjoy yoga.  Young fathers ride alongside their kids on bikes to school in the mornings.  The world’s best waves and beaches are a stones-throw outside your door.  The climate is perfect, and people are friendly and kind.

Such a place does exist; it’s called (more…)