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wiggs-paddleboarding-long-beach-nzRemember the movie “National Lampoon’s Vacation” with Chevy Chase?  They drove days and days to get to the famed Wallyworld for their big yearly vacation.   They traveled through bad weather, survived car trouble and even Aunt Edna’s death, only to find that Wallyworld was closed – and a big disappointment.

Here is our NZ equivalent of Wallyworld:  Wiggs was so excited to go to the well advertised Hot Spring Pools and Waterslides.  The brochure pictures kids having fun on water bumper cars and big slides.

We drove hours in pitch blackness through country roads, all night long.  Drew wanted Wiggs to wake up to this wonderland of fun, so we free-camped in a turnout across the road with a plan that when the gates opened, we’d be ready.  And when the sun came up – well, we found (more…)

nz-elliotsbay-countryWe are up in the Northland now – in the Bay of Islands.

We’ve been on a relentless search for waves, and each time we think we are going to find waves just at the next surf spot, well, think again!

We arrived Sandy Bay on a beautiful afternoon, and we were stoked to find nice waves, not big, not perfect, but hey, they were waves.

We met a local there and told him about our wave woes – how we’ve been chasing something we aren’t finding.  He said “that’s what we call a (more…)

cc-paddlesurfGetting an internet connection here is nearly impossible at times.  It doesn’t help that my laptop screen has become cracked (I guess Sony Vaio’s don’t travel well).  This lap top was top of the line about a year and a half ago. I’ve had nothing but trouble with it from day one.  I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER PC – It’s Macs from here on out!  Drew has never had a problem with his macs… (more…)

raglan-surf-coWe had a busy afternoon at Raglan Surf Co. – a great surf shop in the heart of town.  When we set the date for this event, no-one was aware that it was the same day as a car show and festival in town!  But, it all worked out.

One thing we noticed in Raglan – the surfers who live here are PASSIONATELY devoted to their surf break.  “You don’t need to go anywhere else, mate.  The best waves in New Zealand are right here” we kept hearing again and again.

You can see why – Raglan Point is (more…)