I’m stoked to say my t.v. show THE PAINT SHOP is now airing to over 4.2 MILLION households in CA and AZ, and that number is growing because more and more networks are picking it up.

Upcoming episodes will be featuring other artists.  We just finished shooting episode 4, which featured famous Florida Tattoo Artist Mark Longnecker giving a tattoo to another surf artist, Jenn Holmberg, in my studio.  That same episode has me and Longnecker driving around LA checking out some of the great street art and artists.  We’re also painting vans for Escape Camper vans in LA.

Here’s a 30 second commercial that gives an idea of what the shows about.  I’m posting this for my friends and family that are far away and can’t yet tune in:

I just finished a painting called SAMOA recently and framed it up.

This painting is a memory of an unbelievable vacation that we took to Western Samoa in 2009.

You can see the painting in my store by clicking here.

It was Maria’s dream vacation, where the bungalows are over the water and the ocean is warm.

We stayed at Coconuts Resort, an amazing, quiet spot.  It was like being in Hawaii 200 years ago.

Every morning I took a boat to the outer reef where there was a great left tube.

The rest of the day was spent (more…)

nm-petDid you know that there are artist in residence programs throughout the U.S. State park system?

These programs provide a stay for artists to create their craft for a period of time.

Each program is different – some are for only a week (you can’t accomplish much in a week) and some are 2 or 3 weeks or more.

Drew and I discovered this gem of info while (more…)

Drew Brophy and Longnecker ion Cocoa BeachWe spent a night at famous tattoo artist Mark Longnecker’s killer crib.

Talk about LIVING THE GOOD LIFE, Mark Longnecker has it figured out.

He has a great house in Cocoa Beach (complete with pool and music room), owns the top tattoo shop in the area, Endless Summer Tattoo, and he can walk to his surf spot whenever he wants.

Our plan was to hang out with Mark and go watch the 1:30 a.m. space shuttle launch from the sand.

They say that the sky lights up and it’s an amazing thing to see – something you don’t want to miss.

But, nothing really goes according to plan… (more…)