Author: Maria Brophy

Last Year's Craft Expo

Last Year's Craft Expo

Don’t miss these two exciting events at the Sacred Craft Expo on October 10 & 11 at Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar, CA:  (Go to bottom of this post to see how you can get a free art print from Drew at this event)


Saturday, Oct. 10th from 3 – 4 p.m. Drew will give a Graffitti – Style Painting Demonstration on a surfboard.   He will show how fun it is to make an old board look new with spray paints.  He’ll talk about composition, (more…)

no-drew-and-dylan-bourbon-stNEW ORLEANS – OUR FIRST TIME THERE!

Bourbon Street is no place for kids, but we took Wiggs anyway.  That’s the difficulty with traveling across country with children – there’s no one to watch them while you’re out partying!

The vibe on Bourbon Street is HIGH ENERGY.

Bar after bar with live music lining the street, loud drunks meandering down old craggy sidewalks, and the smells of beer, puke and flowers intermingle in the air.

Brad Pitt for Mayor - YES!

Brad Pitt for Mayor - YES!

No Brad sightings, but plenty of (more…)

Drew Brophy and Longnecker ion Cocoa BeachWe spent a night at famous tattoo artist Mark Longnecker’s killer crib.

Talk about LIVING THE GOOD LIFE, Mark Longnecker has it figured out.

He has a great house in Cocoa Beach (complete with pool and music room), owns the top tattoo shop in the area, Endless Summer Tattoo, and he can walk to his surf spot whenever he wants.

Our plan was to hang out with Mark and go watch the 1:30 a.m. space shuttle launch from the sand.

They say that the sky lights up and it’s an amazing thing to see – something you don’t want to miss.

But, nothing really goes according to plan… (more…)

exhibit-case-at-surf-expoIt was a crazy busy 3 days at Surf Expo. We had 3 different events happening, and I have to admit, it was overly ambitious.

When we arrived, we expected the usual hustle getting set up. Instead, we got absolute ROCK STAR treatment from the Surf Expo people, and it was so easy setting up.

We are grateful to Roy Turner, Vicki Vasil, Josh and the rest of Surf Expo team for making us feel like royalty. I could get used to (more…)