Author: Maria Brophy

Pinstriping and Kustom Graphics Magazine did a feature on Drew’s painting of one of the Escape Camper Vans.  (Buy your copy here.)

We were stoked about the article, however, they omitted photo credit to Michael R. Foley, who took all of the amazing photos.  So we are giving Mike his credit due right here!


Photos (c) Michael R. Foley


Photos (c) Michael R. Foley


Photos (c) Michael R. Foley

Photo by Aaron Bickford

Photo by Aaron Bickford

It’s common for artists to be asked by various charities and not-for-charities (companies) to “DONATE” artwork or painting services for their cause.

Here are some benefits of giving art to charities:

1.)  You feel good about giving to a charity that you love & you get to help them further the cause

2.)  You may get media coverage (usually not)

3.)  You may gain new art collectors (this rarely happens, but it can)

Don’t do it for the write off – ACCORDING TO THE I.R.S. (more…)

nm-petDid you know that there are artist in residence programs throughout the U.S. State park system?

These programs provide a stay for artists to create their craft for a period of time.

Each program is different – some are for only a week (you can’t accomplish much in a week) and some are 2 or 3 weeks or more.

Drew and I discovered this gem of info while (more…)