Author: Maria Brophy

al-mcwhite-paintingTake the first step in faith.  You don’t have to see the whole staircase, you just have to take the first step.”  Dr. Martin Luther King

Many people are unhappily working at jobs because they don’t have faith in their ability to earn a living as a full time artist, or because they just aren’t sure where to start.  Fear stops them from taking the leap to doing what they love.

I say, just get started, take the first step, and the rest will follow.

Most professions have a formula you can follow for success.  You want to be a dentist?  There’s a tried and true formula, just as there is for being an accountant, and a salesperson, and a hairdresser.

Being a professional artist is less defined, because there are many different paths to follow, and very few formulas.   But you can look at what other successful artists are doing, and adopt some of their strategies. (more…)


Whaling Wall #94

If you have the desire, passion and enthusiasm to do something, nothing in the world will stop you.”  Luke Poyner

Most people give up when things get too hard.  Little do they know, what they want is just around the corner, if only they hang on a little longer.

How hard will you fight for your big ideas?  Does your passion carry you through, or do you give up when the fight gets too tough?

Wyland was passionate about saving whales.  At the age of 22, the Laguna Beach artist was driving down Pacific Coast Highway when his eyes were drawn to a blank wall.  And like a bolt of lightning, he was struck with the vision of (more…)

del-mar-event-with-drew-and-sam-george80% of Success is Showing Up” Woody Allen

Are you ready to give a talk about your art to a hall filled with 5,000 people, who are there just to hear what you have to say?

Get ready, because it may be in your future.  And getting ready can take time, particularly if you aren’t fond of public speaking. 

Having the ability to give live demonstrations or speeches about your art is an important tool.  Not only are you able to give back to the community, but you also position yourself as an expert in what you do.  And people are more likely to buy art from an expert. (more…)