Author: Maria Brophy

weddingdayTune into Wedding Day on Saturday, August 8, 2009 at 9:00 a.m. PST on TNT. Check your local listings for the channel and the time in other time zones.

In this episode of The Wedding Day, Drew stokes out the lucky couple getting married in Maui by painting a surfboard that encapsulates their lives together!

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sigg-keith-haring-bottle“Celebrate America”

Collectors’ Series

From SIGG Press Release:


The historical election in the USA has inspired people around the globe, from Switzerland to Swaziland. To recognize the global enthusiasm for the rebirth of the American Dream, Sigg introduced “Celebrate America”, a limited-release collection of six specially designed SIGG bottles.

“The images on the six bottles, with designs by renowned American artists such as Keith Haring and Drew Brophy, celebrate daily life in the United States – from coast to coast, and from the big surf to the open prairies. (more…)

up-open-drew-demoThe Hurley U.S. Open of Surfing was crazy, as usual.

When I say Crazy, I mean, tons of almost-naked girls walking around, tatted up bodies everywhere and just plain old debauchery!

But, we had one mission there, and that was to show an audience at the Sacred Craft Booth how easily you can dress up your surfboard with spray paints and paint pens.

Somehow, Drew got roped into painting flowers on girls, and after about the 4th one, I had to put a stop to it because they were lining up!  (We were thirsty, we would have been there all day….)

Girls lining up for Drew to paint on them!

Girls lining up for Drew to paint on them!

Afterwards, we gave out about 100 of our $18.00 art prints and stickers and Drew signed autographs and was interviewed by a t.v. crew.

The weather was hot, so an ice cold beer at’s party afterwards was greatly appreciated!

See you next year, U.S. Open!


Interview with PERK

This one took 12 minutes to paint!

This one took 12 minutes to paint!

For more info on the event, click here


This was a tough crowd!


Stupid advice has brought down more artists than you can imagine. It can hinder you from achieving your goals.

"Ruby's Dilemma" painting by Tom Laura - it's Mature!

"Ruby's Dilemma" painting by Tom Laura - it's Mature!

Some “well meaning” people will give advice, not knowing how bad it is.

And others, well, they are bitter and their advice comes from a place of anger.

If you are going to take advice from someone, take it from a person who has already achieved what you are striving for.

Don’t take advice from someone who has failed, because their advice may just get you to where they are: failure.

Here’s a short list of some of the worst advice we’ve received over the years: (more…)


I knew when Mark Longnecker called Drew and said “I’m coming to San Clemente” – it was going to be trouble.

You see, Mark is a wild tattoo artist from Cocoa Beach, Fl.

He has this cool, calm energy about him but he’s full of surprises.

(He owns the popular ENDLESS SUMMER TATTOO shop in Cocoa Beach.)

I call him trouble, because out of all of Drew’s friends, Mark Longnecker is the only one that actually can get Drew (more…)